Okay seriously why is my ex bff keep texting me when I told her I don't feel comfortable talking to her?

She stopped like forever ago why now?


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  • "ex best friend forever"
    this is why I hate acromyns. People seem to forget what the words they are made out of mean. I hate BFF in particular, because as you have proven by the early age of 16, forever doesn't mean anything to you, and you went from "best friends forever" to "i want no contact with her."

    But none of that addresses your question.
    My guess is she is trying to see if she can fix things with you, because you actually matter to her, and she is hoping (in vain, apparently) that she means something to you, too.

    • I felt like I suffered a lot of things bc of things after what she did. No thank you :)

    • good to know forgiveness and understanding are impossible

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  • Maybe she's trying to apologize without shelving her pride


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  • She wants to reconnect with you. Can't you forgive her or is this the end of the friendship?

    • End. Because 1) I told my mom everything ( not that I'm childish but I'm expressing my feeling to someone I TRUST ) 2. I gave her like lots and lots of chances she would end up betraying me even when we try being friends again. 3) when I try to be friends it just doesn't feel right like my gut says it's not a good idea ( listen to your gut) 4. I don't know I feel everything is fake. Like fake boyfriend I believe she pretended to be and stuff... I just did one thing to her and she snitched on me which I cursed. And lied to principal so...