Is it time to leave my parents for good?

You know... my parents, they've given me so much pain. I am really tired of them.

I went through a really bad phase of my life and they turned their back on me.

Anyways, I am really sick of them.

Recently however, I am thinking... in a few years I'm going to be married. I'll have a different house. I'll meet new people. This part of my life will be over.

I am wondering if now is the most appropriate time to take a job even if it's not that great to earn my own income and just forget about them.

They have really given me nothing but pain and they will continue to give me nothing but pain unless they are cut off once and for all.


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  • i mean you should definitely get a job if you don't have one already. as for leaving your parents you really only do so when you are financial solvent enough to live relatively comfortably (meaning you can afford your own place, bills, groceries, etc) and have a decent job

  • You need to be financially independent at your age, in any case. So yeah, your parents are a good excuse to seek out a job and lead your life the way YOU want! :)

    P. S. Marriage shouldn't even come into the picture here, that's a different matter altogether.

  • I left home when I was 19. It was by far one of the best things I ever did. But I had a high paying job (for the 80's) back then. So if you can pull it off financially and it will make you happier, then do it.


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