Best language learning website / software / app?

Guys I want to learn a lot of foreign languages but I cannot afford all of them. Could you suggest me any effective way to learn a language and get a degree?


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  • I can suggest penpland com its a pretty good language exchange website


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  • I just found this site

    It's awesome for what you want.

    In my opinion, PHP (for websites) is good because it will open you up to a lot of other languages at the same time like HMTL, javascript, css, jquery, and AJAX.

    JAVA is still the most wanted job, and people get paid a lot to be a JAVA developer.

    SQL is also good.

    • Sorry, you meant speaking languages :(

      try Babbel, it's cheap and has great beginners course. I didn't pay for the rest yet.
      However, they don't have non romantic or germanic languages like Cantonese and Japanese.

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    • I don't know how it works and how I will pay them!!!

    • 5d

      penpaland com is good for language exchange

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  • 1. Learn the basics by some easy method like Assimil
    2. buy or rent movie dvds in the original language, subtitled for the deaf. Many of them: you'll learn a lot by seeing and listening while you read the subtitles.

  • Wrts. nl
    Helped me speak german fluently. But if you cannot find your way through the website, just use the android app duolingo. Quite decent in teaching you the basics of a language.