Hey! What has you looked like thro your life?

Hey! What has you looked like thro your life??
yeah... I was kiddo once XD Me around age of 5
Age of 10
Age 13

Me a year ago

I've grown quite much from that little girl I once was XD <3
So what did you look like thro your life from ur birth to present time? :)
@Mario21 @Paris13 @sexyphil @FinnishShyGirl @IronPickle @TheFlak36


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  • I'll show you this once. I had no brows and short ass blonde hair as a teen. Also, it was taken on a shitty laptop so don't judge me.



  • We grew together so you're always my cute and beautiful big sister, love you always โ™กโ™ฅ

    • Love you too <3

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    • @FinnishBeautyGirl, you are Most welcome and believe it or Not, you look a lot like my Nice Niece up there. xxoo

    • oh cool your her sister. haha I'd kill my brother if he was on here.