Boyfriend hurts me but isn't aware of it?

Guys, is it annoying that a girl's skin is very sensitive? I ALWAYS get at least one bruise on my skin after sex. Even soft sex. I asked my friends and none said they bruise and they said he should be extra careful.

Even a slight touch of him hurts so much. is it just my skin?

Girls, anyone the same?
Guys, are you extra careful when touching a girl? Is my boyfriend doing sth wrong?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Sounds like you may have a problem. You should discuss this with your doc. Your boyfriend doesn't sound like he's doing anything wrong. It sounds like you have really overly sensitive skin. Maybe it's an underlying cause of something. Ratger be safe than sorry. Get it checked out!

  • i don't think your boyfriend is doign something wrong. if you bruise that easily i don't know what he could do aside from not touching you at all


What Girls Said 1

  • Your skin sounds over sensitive and maybe you should have that looked at by your doctor it's normal if rough wild sex takes place then yes bruises are expected but you said the slightest touch which leads to think you should get your skin checked out.

    • You're right.. well it didn't happen this much with others the bruising i mean. But there is deffo sth wrong with me lol

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