Please pick two groups?

I'm known for liking Kpop and now I'm kinda supposed to introduce my friends to it, because they don't understand why I like it so much. They don't know much about Kpop and want to see two of my favorite groups, but I definitely like more than just two :D

I've limited it to three and I'll show you two different concepts of each group. You don't have to watch all videos, but I'd appreciate it if you at least listen to the first two minutes of each song 😁

Even if you don't like Kpop, please pick two groups and say which song you liked the most 👀

(Both videos have a little intro, you can skip to 0:40)


B. A. P:
Feel So Good

Young, Wild & Free
(Skip to 1:00)

If You Do

Thanks :D

  • BTS & B. A. P
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  • BTS & GOT7
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  • B. A. P & GOT7
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  • Bts and bap if you're gonna use those songs. But if you use fly by got7 then I choose bts and got7. Either way, bts is my favorite 😂


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  • If you pick the right songs, it'll probably pull in any person. I don't know any of those groups though, I listen to different groups.


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