He blocked me unblocked me and now blocked again on facebook?

This guy that I had a casual relationship with a month ago blocked me on fb within the first week of knowing him. Obvious he was hiding something. I haven't heard from him in a month but I noticed on my fb messenger that his profile pic changed which means he must have unblocked in order for that to change. So I go in to look him up just out of curiosity , nope I am blocked again. I have no intentions of communicating with him it was a short fling and over but I don't understand why he has to block and unblock me. The desire to snoop at my profile without me knowing or what?


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  • sounds like he just trying to snoop and see if you have met another, seems like he was hiding something if he blocked you within a week

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  • Does it really matter? Let him do what he wants. Focus on healing yourself, and not what he's up to on Facebook.

    From this I can see you are definitely not over him and want him back. Why do you still Facebook stalk your ex? You should be focusing on yourself and healing, not looking at your ex's Facebook profile. It'll only slow down the healing process and make it harder on you.

    But from how he blocked you and then unblocked you and then blocked you again, it shows that he's still thinking about you and seems unsure of something. Don't get your hopes up though, it could just be nothing.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

    • I don't stalk him. I haven't seen his page in two months. I looked him up out of curiosity when I saw his fb messenger picture changed that's it. Of course he reblocked me again. All I am asking is why the back in forth leave me blocked that's it.