Does anyone know any good site where I can meet LGBT people?

I've been questioning my sexuality for a long time and I'd like to know a good place where I can talk to people about it. I figured GaG isn't the best place for it.



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  • I dont think you want to go to an LGBT website, because they will be as one-sided in their views as the people around here.

    You need to figure your sexuality out for yourself and not have either site try to push you in either direction.

    • What exactly do you mean?

      Well I've tried figuring it out myself but it hasn't worked out :/

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    • With gay I meant lesbians as well.

    • Neither of them... Probably bisexuals but not exactly

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  • Any lesbian sites. I been questioning my sexuality also

    • Well I was looking for a place where I can talk to bisexual girls actually. And maybe both guys and girls who are LGBT?

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  • Just stay straight. The opposite is morally wrong and will cost you your soul.

    • Well I don't feel the same way. And either way, it's not something I can control