Don't you just hate this?

I've got the day off cause all the year twelves are on camp and I didn't go (conflicted with more important things) so I'm sitting here trying to get stuff done. Teachers are writing mid year reports this weekend, so I need to make sure stuffs handed in and completed to at least a satisfactory level.

Anyway, so I've been doing that all day, gets to about lunch time and I figure, you know what, Imma relax and play a game.

Of course ten seconds after I start playing someone decides that's the best time to drop by and scare the shit out of me because I know if they see me playing games I'm gonna be in trouble. Doesn't matter that I've been doing stuff all day. They're not gonna believe that.

But don't you just hate that?

You're doing the right thing then you moment you start up something people wouldn't agree with, THATs when they show up. aAAAAArrrghghghg

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  • oh that happens to me ALL the time. the most common one is when ur watching a movie and the ONLY kissing or sex scene is the exact moment when the parents decide to show up.