Why did she say this?

My mother had told my sister that my University residence was really great.

It was a single room all to myself.

When my sister came to my room she said in a little bit red-faced way, it's not that great.

It wasn't just an off-hand comment I could tell she really wanted to say it. What's her problem? Is she jealous of the fact that my parents compare her and me?

I don't understand her, I can see that she almost always wins in my parent's eyes ANYWAYS so why does it matter to her? It doesn't matter to me because I'm happy with my life.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Doesn't always have to be a competition.

    • She does compare herself to me and doesn't like it if my parents praise me

What Girls Said 1

  • I guess it's because she doesn't want her uni life to be like that. (if she's younger)

    • Older, done university. She doesn't like it when my parents say something that makes her feel like I got better

    • ou makes true, but she should be happy for you.

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