Jews, just one question of of curiosity?

In your believes, the messiah will only come when you ll conquer the holy land?
and is the holy land restricted to palestine aka currently israel or does it stretch out to the neighboring lands?


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  • The holy land as Jews see it extends into neighboring lands that is why you see the constant guerrilla fighting on the west bank and all-out war on the Gaza strip.

    • Thanks, there's a lot of bad information about that whole situation regarding Israel and palestine. If anyone wishes to read what really occurred i suggest a Book by Sandy Tolan, The Lemon Tree. More of a historical reference but it makes the entire situation quite clear. As to which side is the aggressor and leaves you wondering about the propoganda surrounding the entire situation.

    • alright!
      thank you so much :)

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  • Lol no offense but you have no idea what your talking about, also the Jews just simply follow the old testament of the bible. Jews and Christians more or less have the same concept of the end times.

    • eh that s why I am asking lol.
      and yea I know so does islam. they all follow the same basics like there is only one god, that you should love your neighbor...
      check this video

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    • @OrdinaryGentleman check
      Mysteries: Judaism, Christianity and Islam

    • Alright thanks

  • where does the bible say that and what time line are you talking about

  • Jesus doesn't give a fuck, you know why? Because Jesus was a Latino.
    Oh and by the way his name is pronounced 'HesΓΊs'

  • They killed Jesus their messiah theirs nobody coming for them.


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  • i dont think the jews are basing the arrival of the messiah on the conquering of anything. they just dont believe that he's already come... despite the entire story of salvation having already taken place 2000yrs ago... whatever.