Guys, Do you think she is creppy?

Guys, if a girl one day decided to want to be-friend you, started trying to talk to you, started to sit next to the desk next to yours, bought you a "breakfast" once in a while for no reason, was in general being nice to you in a friendly way, what would you think of her? Did you ever have a girl that was so persistent to become your friend? Would did things turn out if so?

Theirs this one guy that I found intriguing. Tough on the outside, probably a softie in the inside. I would see him very often since he was in band and I was a techie. I also had a class with him. At that time I had a boyfriend so I for sure never flirted with him, even though he is attractivd I look at him as more like a brother. So one day I just decided to be a friend to him. I would try making conversation with him. I friended him on Facebook which he accepted then after I senced he had warmed up to me, I messaged him. I even bought him a bag of chips that he refused to take even though they were his favorite. He still took them bc I said I was not going to tske no for an answer. I also bought him a coffee and Donut from Dunkin Donuts which he also refused to take but he did take them bc I again said I would not take no as an answer since I had already bought them specifically for him. We even have an inside joke, from the beggining I would try to give him a high five, but I was never able to because at the last second he would take his hand away. He has asked me multiple times why am I so nice to him? Why him? Thag there's a lot of cruel people in this world. I would respond with, I don't even know to be honest but not everyone is cruel.

  • I had a girl be persistent in being my friend, i told her to go to hell
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  • me and that girl ended up falling in love
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  • me and that girl eventually stopped communicating
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  • i found it was nice of her to want to be friends with me
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  • i found it to be creepy of her for wanting so hard to be my friend
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  • i wouldn't find it creepy. i'd think she was forward and wonder if she just wanted to be friends or was into me

  • Id have no problem with it as long as she didn't have an crazed obsessed personality like Carolyn from that 70s show

  • i would accept her friendship.

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