Something just started downloading!!! HELP?

i was on another forum i opened a message (no links in it at all... and it was a reply to a message i sent to that person)
and i was checking another topic on that same forum (in another tab)

and all of a sudden i see something downloading :O !!

i paused it immediately... but I don't know i think it finished
im really scared what is that? what do i do?

do i open it? delete it? WHAT?

ok i went to that message (didnt reply yet) i pressed back then clicked on "reply" again... and the same thing happened !!
how is this possible? there were no links in the message at all she was just asking me something


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  • If you're in doubt, throw it out. Delete it.


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  • When in doubt, delete.

    • somethings sometimes download more stuff than you can see.. or download them in different places
      and they have to be deleted in a special way :\

    • Got to control panel and uninstall programs.

      Another place would be go on search and type, "%appdata%." Check if you see anything that doesn't look like what you normally use. If you're unsure then don't touch it because it might be important.

      Though best to have ccleaner and malwarebytes.

    • ok ill try that

      thank you

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  • First of all, on the magical machine called the computer, you should have an antivirus. Imagine it as your guardian angel.
    Second of all, if someone starts downloading, you let it finish, document the file type, its source, size, name etc, try to figure out where you got it from (without opening/running the file) and then reporting it o the internet...

  • You quarantine it.


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