Who is going to win Euro 2016?

  • Germany
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  • France
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  • Belgium
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  • England
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  • Italy
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  • Spain
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  • other
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  • Belgium
    They have been playing incrediblu good lately


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  • I hope Belgium or Croatia but don't know if that's realistic

  • I dunno why people support germany. Since they won the world cup theyve been shit. The last good thing they did was geotze scoring in the final. Id be suprised if they got past the second round. I only care about the betting. Albania fucked my accumulator already. Put the swiss on for an away win as well and the daft booky put me down for an albania win. My other teams better not come up or the bookies getting kicked square in tbe balls when i seen him.

    • At tournaments like this Germany is always good

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    • @vekin uh ah. Germany missed out on the knockout stages in 2000 and 2004. But they always make the quarter finals of the World Cup.

    • I can't entertain you pal. Your a google whore. I dont do that. All booze soaked memory i go with. Like us real football fans do in the pub with our mates

  • Russia will win gold !

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