Working by myself overnight?

Someone quit overnight and I'm only left with one other person. My boss doesn't care if we are left alone and he's very sexist (only hires women) and our store just got robbed. Usually two employees have to work but I'm not sure since this store has a pharmacy with a person in the back of the store, I'm in the front. I still feel very unsafe working alone. Should I report?


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  • Hell, just quit. Sounds like a easily replaceable job anyway.

    • True. I'm actually trying to do a transfer but he doesn't want to let me go because he has no one else so I'm guessing I will have to quit forcefully. Not a bad company but bad hours. Thanks

    • Does he have to approve the transfer or something?

      If you stay there longer, you'll still be miserable, but you won't want to transfer or quit because you'll have higher seniority.
      Well, that's how people end up at my job. Everyone asks my "why did you come back this place sucks" but I really came back because I like my coworkers. I always ask them "if it sucks so much why haven't you left" and they always say "seniority". I don't know if that's how it is at your job.

    • Yes he has to approve and let me go. I was thinking of just quitting and applying at another location behind his back. I would love to find something else but it's hard to find a decent job where I live. I'm getting paid good but the hours are bad which is my biggest concern. And I did have seniority before but I moved to a different location so starting fresh there. Been with the company for 5 years

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  • If you're over 21, get a concealed carry weapons license and start carrying a handgun.

    • Sadly the company prevents permitted license gun holders in store and employees.

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  • you should probably talk to someone about it, if you don't feel safe. trust me i get it. i work in a gas station, and i've worked a lot of those shifts alone... thankfully, we don't get robbed as much anymore.

    • You're right and that's what I'm afraid of, once a place gets robbed it's possible for it to happen again. Especially a pharmacy that's dealing with narcotics

    • no kidding.