Your experience with Stock Brokers?

have you had a good experience with stock brokers... or my experience which is.. their job is to make me more broke?

My impression is their "advice" is really sales and it doesn't have your best interests in mind unless you are one of the top net worth of their clients.


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  • the best thing to do is to educate yourself so they know you know your stuff. they can be real thieves.

    • I agree... not that they are bad, but I think the system is...

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  • At best a stock broker can point you in the direction of a diversified fund and prevent you from making dumb mistakes. What they cannot do is consistently beat the markets (they can for a while but that's either pure luck or relies on inside trading, which is illegal), that is mathematically impossible and any broker who claims otherwise is deluding himself and you. With a little research you can find diversified funds/indexes yourself and save yourself the stock broker's fees (which can make up a quite substantial part of your dividends if you're not a billionaire).

  • Well our country brokers can not give advice unless he get license but I think that is still so shit I dont trust funds too. They always want you buy.

    • What country?
      I agree... license to do what. Doctors ahve a license to kill, brokers a license to sell... imho. be your own best advisor or find one you trust is best advice I have. its not easy or we'd all be rich...

  • You can do this yourself!
    When I first started investing I saw a lady who "found" the best funds for me. Funny how they were only in her brokerage house AND she got a commission.
    Look at Vanguard or Fidelity. Start out with an S&P 500 fund. From there you can be more aggressive. Both sites have great free learning tools.

    • I'm pretty well educated, but I agree, I'd have been better off there than some other places. ty!

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