Do you feel burned out with school?

I am taking one course and I am feeling so so overwhelmed.

To be fair it's a finance course. And I did 2 years of school back-to-back with no breaks so I'm of course going to feel queasy.

But it did make me think about those students graduating with a perfect GPA and how much stress they must have undergone during their degree.


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  • You can do it just you know push yourself you can still have lazy days but in the end u try challenge yourself. I went back to school to take some classes and i was overwhelmed even confused at the start but i met a girl who was way younger than me her studying hard habits insbired me. You need to find someone to inspire you too. Just trust yourself and do what you can and god will help you.

  • Yes I feel burned out during the whole school year.

  • Some have a knack for it. Others don't.

    • Why? I've always wondered.

      Why are some people 'better' at school than others?

      Is it because they're smarter?

    • No.

      Some skills work better in certain settings. It isn't as simple as just one or two defining traits.

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