Im so stressed with work. How can I handle such stress?

I took the TL post from April and the stress level is ridiculous. Its even more frustrating because im surrounded with stupid people and im just fed up.

I haven't been eating and sleeping properly. When i go to bed i think about work. Even if im so tired i just can't sleep fast. I find myself crying too.

I dont know how to go about it. There are 6 people under me and i know they are pressured and stressed as well. Im putting a tough front but im too tired now.

The root of this is we are under staffed but the management already approved of hiring more people which won't happen infew weeks more.

Im really tired. I want to give up my leader post and just go back to being normal employee or just resign. Please advise


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  • You're the leader so you set the tone. If you come in stressed out and pissed off its going to rub off on your employees but if you come in with a positive attitude they will be slightly impressed. Managing happy employees is much easier than angry ones.


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  • Self care! You have to find a way to let the stress and emotion out. If that means crying in your car or screaming in the shower. Ideally we need practices that help us handle stress in healthy ways. At this point, where you can't keep going as you are, it become even more critical. Coloring, yoga, meditation, a long shower, a walk outside, hugging a friend or a pet can all be used as pressure relief. Finding a friend or family member to vent to might help too.
    Be honest with your employees, you can bond together in the stress rather than attack each other. Think about what you can handle. How much more of this can you handle? Let your boss know. There might be more leeway then you know.
    Over all just make sure you look out for yourself. You are of no help to anyone if you get sick or really break down.
    I'm sorry you are stuck in this position. Remember that you are strong and have made it through this far, and that it won't last forever.

  • Would more time help? As in maybe it's all still new to you and you don't quite know how to handle it all just yet. When I started my job as a secretary in a hospital it was so stressful and crazy and never had any down time and most times I'd have to miss break because I'd have so much to do and now I've been there a while and have my routines down and it's much easier and less stressful now that I'm used to the work.