Paint. net like photoshop or free cs4?

so i recently got paint. net and im having some troubles with it, mainly the curved line, i want to create images and not just copy and paste. (i did something with photoshop cs4 in school for half a year) but i can't afford ps and i dont know how to anchor the point down for the line tool then ajust the line without moving the end point (people who use ps will know what i mean) so im wondering is there any way to do that or get cs4 for free since its no longer available (school has it and wondering if its possible to get it off them) please help!!!

no one want to answer?


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  • try Gimp. open source.. photoshop clone

  • I use paint. net all the time. It's a lot easier than it's concurrents even though it is free. I can't help you though. Google it please

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