Isn't it weird how anyone of us could be typing here on GAG and then all of a sudden die like right now?

Its even more sad that all of us right now could die even though the chances of that happening are very unlikely.

  • Yeah that's why I don't take life for granted
  • Well yeah but chances of that of happening are really slim I am special and I have special genes that can't happen to me
  • Well somebody is a pessimistic Nancy pants
  • I am a turtle who has lived for over 500 years and I am offended
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  • It happens. Life is fragile, hah.

    • Yeah its sad too like would if you died? :'( that would suck and you just typed that right now would be okay dying at this age or do you still have things you want to accomplish?

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    • Nah, there can be plenty of other places. Eh, I don't know about kids.

    • You have to find the right soul mate for that to happen right? ;)

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  • True but hopefully that won't happen.


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