Major driving test fear?

Monday will be my FOURTH try at passing my damn road test.
all these times I failed have been for VERY minor things that it still blows my mind that I was "impeccable" at everything BUT a tiny, tiny thing and they failed me.
Am I the only one whose going into my road test knowing I'm not perfect at something (for me, reverse parking..) and still hoping for the best?

how did you pass? I've had COUNTLESS lessons now too. it is too much pressure..

I went for a lesson today after a long time of not driving and of course I was really rusty. Apparently I wasn't doing my shoulder checks properly when previously, this is what I was best at! This is such a let down. And my test is in two days.
The thing is - on my test, I do well. During lessons, I'm not that great.
Veryyyy stressed out


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  • Those tiny things prevent accidents


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  • Don't even sweat it girl. It happens to everyone. My best friend failed 11 times. It was at the point where he was content with taking public transit for the rest of his life. I failed my first time too. The second time, I was more calm and comfortable and it really helped that my friend was driving behind me the whole time. Just stay calm and in control. oh & gum really helps.

    • Hahaha awww! It's just there's soo many rules to remember and little things that really freak me out that I need to remember. I keep getting scared that I will forget something and that I don't know enough even though I've had WAYY too many lessons at this point

    • there's never too many lessons. I'm sure you're ready and know exactly what to do. Just don't get nervous. Everyone who drives had to do what you are doing at some point.

  • I think it my be the anxiety before the test. I failed twice and then the third time got a pity drivers license lmaoo 😂 but there's not much you can do. You already practiced. just try your best and try to remember the things they failed you for