Is it true that people who aren't academically smart are more sly than people who are?

I feel like... because they're not good at school and have to hear a lot of putdowns due to that, they become more sly on how to hurt other people/play tricks etc.

I noticed this a lot.


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  • Is that synonymous to manipulative behaviour? We (academically succesful people) aren't interested in these things, therefore it might seem that way to you. For instance, it serves no purpose to emotionally hurt, manipulate others. I am more than capable of doing that, but my ambitions lie elsewhere.

    • Read my question again.

      Ha ha I love how you didn't get it and are trying to act all pompous what a joke.

      I said people who are NOT academically smart usually are slyer than non-academically smart people because they have to be.

      As in, they're surprisingly good at assessing another person what their personal insecurities are etc. so that they can use it against that person.

      I had roommates like that and it was an absolute nightmare living with them. For example, I worked super hard on a presentation and instead of praising it they would purposely try to give the credit to an acquaintance who didn't do shit just to irritate me.

    • I read your question and I do know what sly means, but was questioning whether you understand what that word means.

      It would seem that you fall into this "not academically smart" category. What I was ultimately saying is that academic success is not a definitive measuring tool, all you manage to see is pompous behaviour.. or want to see, I can't tell which one it is.

      So it seems you are some sort of a hypocrite.

    • How would you know whether or not I fall into 'academically smart' or 'not academically smart.' Do you know me?

      Nope you don't.

      This conversation is over

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  • im academically smart and im a sly manipulative bitch apparently LOL


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  • It's called street smarts vs. academic smarts.

    • I don't think they are street smart either.

      They are sly as in... they are good at hurting other people since they've been hurt well their whole lives.

  • nope i dont think so, im a dyslexic and im not sly

    • I didn't mean it like that. I myself am not really a sharp reader so I don't know what I'd be categorized at.

      I meant people who are simply not willing to admit something about themselves. For example when I was in University, I had roommates who wouldn't study properly and on top of it they were not fit for the program they were put in so all they'd do is talk shit about me.

      I was like... lol what did I do?

    • oh okay, well yeah i have problems sometimes admitting things about myself, but i never talk shit about anyone who could study well or better than me

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