Why am I like this and whats wrong with me?

I often put everyone else needs above my own.. so am always hoping others. normally most of the people i help really need the help but there.. is one kid that 100% does not need my help yet i can't say so no and i dont know why. I know am not afarid of him in fact he pissed me off omce then ran away as soon as he seen ke get mad.. which is a rare thing for me and also not safe for people to be around me when am mad. so anyway also every payday he will ask me for money yet he gets paid more then me.. only ye says his mom takes half his check but how is that my problem? He wants to buy a car so wanted me to help him raise $200 which i find out he saved $500 yet he can't get the $200 up himself how? I know this is 100% my felt but i always end up giving him or someone money or helping them in another way even if i dont want too. I think this guy takes advantge of me the most since he knows if he keeps asks ill give in and give him what he wants. The longest i want with out giving him money was a month and no i can't afford to give him money not anymore at least.


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  • Start saying "no". Do it with everything.

    • And what will that do? am normally always saying yes now that i think about it.

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    • Hold your ground buddy, you aren't a personal atm lol

    • Yea thats what am staying he was like man omly $10 am like nigga am nnot rich. Should habe said nigga do i look like your dad too u? did i bang your mom? no

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