Should I try to switch paths or use my Business degree for something?

I am a graduating business student.

It's been a long, long process of getting my degree. I don't regret going to my school OR getting my degree because it was the best program at my University.

On the one hand, I realize now money is not everything.

On the other, I am not entirely sure what I am passionate about. I know I just feel confused a lot of the time.

I was thinking about whether I should consider switching to another field or gather some work experience and then down the road once I'm more sure I *know* what I want to do, try and make a switch.

Although I didn't do amazingly well, (but definitely above average) there were some components to my degree that I really did like. For example, I loved some of my courses that required a lot of heavy report writing etc. It would be a shame for all of that effort to not be used for something.

What do you think?


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  • Business skills are always good to have. No matter what field you eventually end up in, business is always a part of it.
    Understanding the basics of marketing, sales, accounting, and business planning are valuable skills.

    Now that you've got your business degree, spend some time and figure out what business you want to get in.
    Maybe it's the psychiatry business (in which case you go back and get your psychology degree)
    Maybe it's the architectural design business (in which case you go back and get your architectural design degree)
    Maybe you decide you want to work for a non-profit charity (in which case your business skills will still be put to use like any other business)

    You can't go wrong with a business degree.

  • I think being confused about your future is perfectly normal. I've been feeling the same thing lately. I initially got an associate degree in a very specific field and now am looking at going back to school. I have no idea what else I'd want to do though.

    I'm 26 by the way


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