What female MMA fight would you rather watch?

Who would win in your opinion?

  • Ronda Rousey VS Gina Carano
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  • Holly Holm VS Cristiane Cyborg Justino Santos
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  • Joanna Jedrzejcyk vs Miesha Tate
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  • Some other fight?
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  • I don't watch female MMA
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  • I don't watch MMA at all
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  • I'm here just for some free experience points
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  • Carano hasn't fought in about 7 years. She's never coming back and if she did, she would look horrible.
    Joanna and Miesha are too far apart weight wise. Maybe a Joanna and Tiffany Van Soest fight.
    The only one that is at all viable is Holm and Cyborg, so I chose that.

  • rousey and misha tate again or paige vanzant vs anyone lol

  • I stopped caring about mma some time ago.

    • Because i was heavily invested, trained personally with BJ Penn even in my home town. But decided its far too based on drama, rules and theatrics. I prefer when it was starting out, not what it has changed into.