Why would a sensible guy be with a dumb girl?

I remember this girl who I used to study with in University.

She was so bad in studies that she almost did not meet progression requirements and had to repeat courses after 1st year to pass through the program.

This continued on for sometime, (her struggles with academics). It would cause her to be envious of good students like me who did well.

When she got the opportunity to do so, she did take out all her envy/jealousy on me, except I couldn't understand what I had done to her for her to do all of this. Now I get it.

Anyways, she has supposedly been with a guy for 2 years. I just don't get it, this guy seems to be smart (double-degree student).

Why would a smart guy go for a girl who is not only stupid, but most importantly a horrible person?


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  • Well you are judging her! Maybe she has some learning problem she can't help. We can't all be brain surgeons you know. What did she do to you? That guy must see something he likes in her. Maybe deep down she is not a bad person and he can see that.

    • Honestly, I feel like either he really cannot see that she is what she is, or he has reached a point in his life where he wants to connect with someone and for some reason he feels a connection with her.

Most Helpful Girl

  • opposites attract. maybe she is really charming, pretty, nice and sweet to him. just because she's mean to YOU doesn't mean she's like that to him and thats what really matters. guys dont care how girls treat other girls, as long as you treat them right.

    • That's pretty silly. First of all, she wasn't mean in a bitchy girl way, she was a jealous little weasel.

      I am sure that she is probably good to him. But what kind of a guy would be with a girl knowing her real character?

      I wouldn't want to be with a guy who was so catty with other guys, I would get really frustrated with him.

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  • if she puts out for him, thats why. The man loves sex.


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  • Stop being so judgmental, it sounds petty and clearly jealous. He is with her for his own personal reasons, and maybe he doesn't mind she isn't highly academic, and just because you had a bad experience with her, doesn't meant the two of them together don't have good experiences together.

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