Ok what do you think of impalas?

i dont like to ask for things at all makes me uncomfortable and i don't like when people give me things either i tend to turn it down no matter what it is but my dad knows i look and recognize when i see impalas which is really the only car i recognize right away and that i used to watch a show and that i used to call them sam and dean cars. so my dad has said a few times now that after i get my drivers licence that if i want he can find me an impala i have not said anything other than shrug when he said that but i know he's waiting for me to say yes i want an impala or at least tell him the one i do want he has been asking what kinda car i want when i can drive sense I was 5 years old i dont know why but he has so what do you think impala YAY or NAY


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  • The early 60s until the early 70s models were pretty nice. The older ones were popular with the younger hippie crowd. They were cheap so young people could afford them. They made great party mobiles because they had plenty of room to hold a lot of people while out cruising. Even with three people in the front and back there was still plenty of room. It was one of the best cruising cars there was.

    • my dad was thinking 1967

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    • im not going to let him get me a car

    • i could not drive that car even if i wanted to

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  • Have always loved the '67 impala. My parents had one when i was growing up and i think that kicked off my love for classic cars...

    • no just in the past few years i decided i like older cars

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  • Me personally I don't like em'

    • may i ask why

    • I just don't like the way they're shaped & it seems like everybody I know has one

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