Should I give up on women?

I've gone through 22 years of never kissing a girl now, and I'm done with having my heart constantly stomped on. I've had plenty of friends who are girls that thought I was a "sweet and smart guy" but all the girls I've been attracted to have either rejected me or tried to let me down easily (basically rejecting me as well). I was brought up to be a kind, respectful man who opens doors for girls and such, but that obviously gets you nowhere. So when I asked girls out they would say aww that's so cute but I'm not looking for a relationship, or some other form of that crap. I decided to change my approach and be a bit more assertive and not be so sweet, and this sometimes got girls to be more flirty, but unfortunately I wasn't as attracted to them. Occasionally I get ridiculously unlucky in situations where I meet a cute girl but am not initially too attracted to them and they give all kinds of signs that they like me, and then I ask them out a few weeks later and they're shocked by it and I get turned down. I never know what I do wrong, and I feel like just living my life working on my career (staying another year to get my Masters in Mechanical Engineering next year) and getting great at my hobbies will keep me happy for the rest of my life. I know if I found love that would be a great compliment to my life, but having my heart broken over and over again just isn't worth it and makes me feel awful about myself. I'd rather spend my time on things I know will bring happiness. So I feel that maybe completely eliminating that part of my life will do me a favor since all it has brought is disappointment to this point. My best friend told me he's done because he's had the same experiences, and is starting a job at Procter and Gamble in a month. Life's too short to be unhappy, so I'm leaning towards quitting on this particular part of it.


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  • Seriously wonder if this is a troll... Well, if not...

    ** No, don't give up. It's absolutely great to focus on yourself.
    In the past, that's how my partners and I have met. Randomly, started as friends, and then things grew from there.

    Don't be unhappy, be glad that you didn't end up with a woman that wasn't/isn't good for you.

    She just hasn't met you yet. Stay positive, no matter how grim the outlook! ^-^

    • That's fair. I guess I won't totally rule it out forever, but I'm not going to be trying to approach/chase girls for at least a few years. I'm just so scarred from all the bad experiences it's ruined my confidence.

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    • Well my freshman year of high school I was apparently regarded as the smartest kid in our grade, so the attractive girls pretended to like me in order for me to help them with their homework and such. I was too naive back then to realize it but looking back on ittoday I do. So back then yes I suppose I was a pushover. I'm not antisocial, but around girls I don't know who I find attractive I'm pretty shy. I just feel so cheated and lied to that I don't trust any of them anymore because of past experiences. Women have never shown me any respect despite me respecting them. Since all of them have treated me like trash, I'm going to start doing the same and/or ignoring them. If someone who actually isn't a cunt comes to me in my life great but if not at least I'll have my job and hobbies and will be making some solid $$ that I can use to travel and have a good life alone. I have a few friends who are in the exact same boat, it's just too bad

    • Remain open to the possibility of finding someone. Never shut yourself off completely; or else you may miss the opportunity.

      Honestly, I believe in fate. If something is meant to happen; it'll find a way to happen.

      You sound like a decent guy, just hang in there. :]

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