Telling a guy you hate him? Does saying that to a guy make him feel like "WOA"? Thats IF he cares right?

I know i know what u are thinking. "How immature" but for somereason i have this immature feeling of wanting to say "i hate you" to him and come off as "fuck you, you dont matter to me anymore". i want to do the immature kiddy act And hurt his feelings which i know doesn't make things any better. But i feel we humans no matter if we put up a front as if we are way mature and grown and trained ourselfs to not let anyone or anything get to you, that we secretly seek revenge (if your ego is bigger then your whole self being).

Why do people think its because you secretly love him? For me, thats not the case, i moreso hate this person because he lied, he lied about his identity after having him in my life for so long... basically lying about everything. Its because i cared but it wasn't love. Kinda like bruising my ego. (Which is bad i know) but i really do hate him. I think hate is just like any other emotion and it is necessasry so long you dont let it destroy you and becomefilled with hate and make u a bitter person.


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  • If you told me that I'd say "ok, feel better?" Then get on with what I was doing

    • Thats the thing, IF IT WERE YOU

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    • I see what you mean. Wouldn't he just be like "OK?" And like not reply?

    • That's what I'd do if even that. It isn't worth it. Just let it go. You're not going to get what you're wanting

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