I want to try a new sport out at school but I'm a little nervous to?

I've always played basketball as a kid and always had love for the sport , and now i'm a 15 year old teenage girl. I still play here and there but not as much as before. I was wondering if it should be a good idea to tryout for the basketball team next school year? I'm kind of scared to because if I don't make it and all... Or if I do make it feels like a lot of pressure if I'm not good enough in game. I'm good at shooting , just not the best at defense or ball handling. I just feel like I suck compared to the other girls 😅 So that's why I'm kind of hesitant to try out. Any advice? Words of wisdom?


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  • I would suggest trying out since you want to do it. There is no harm in attempting. If you get rejected and cut, so be it. Honestly no one really cares or will notice. Also, if you do make it, it will give you a chance to get better. Even if you are bad one year, you can then come back and become a better player on the court.
    The feeling that "omg I suck compared to everyone" is common unless you are basically the top. Focus on you and becoming the best person you can be and ignore others.

    In the meantime before try outs, I would practice as much as you can. It will require lots of motivation/dedication! Work on your speed, footwork, and aggressiveness on a court. Try and play against friends. Even better-- play against friends a bit better than you. If they are really good, they'll be able to tell you what you can improve on.

    Games like horse or whatnot are fun to play, but probably isn't what you need. You need pickup games or 1v1 matches to work on getting better handling.

    On your own, you can also work on dribbling.
    -- Work on your comfort dribbling (staying low to the ground and making it hard to steal)
    -- Work on your speed dribbling (like in running for layups)
    -- Work on your maneuvering. If you are by yourself, this can be done by getting trashcans and setting them up and treating them like players/objects to go around.
    -- Work on your fakeouts: crosses, switching hands (this is a must!), switching directions fast, starting to go and stopping, behind back, etc.
    -- Work on your passes: bounce, chest, overhead especially

    As for shooting, I suggest practicing taking shots right after a dribble. On a court chances are you won't have much time to get ready. You'll have pressure on you.
    Likewise, I'd do a spin pass to yourself. (Twisting/tossing the ball midair, it lands in front of you, and spins back to you). This can help simulate a pass. Shoot immediately after the pass.

    They have different positions. If you are smaller, chances are you'll be playing higher up. This means you'll need to focus on getting far shots off at angles, making quick rushes to the basket, and passes.

    If you are bigger (taller, heavier, whatnot) chances are you'd be playing down low. This means you'll need to work on aggressiveness while dribbling, taking shots basically right at the basket, and passes to the side.

    I'm going to guess that you fall more so at a higher up position, so I'd focus on shooting from spots around that area (top of key) and rushing in.

  • only way you can improve is to try and practice, try going for it and see what happens, as everything we do we learn from, So i say go for it, if your a good shooter then they will probably use you as one and let you practice the other places


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