What exactly did my manager mean, when she told me jokingly to stay away from him?

So I have a really good looking friend at work, me and him talk a lot. Anyways so we were talking and walking and we run into one of our managers and she's really nice so we were all laughing and talking. They were talking a bit more to each other cause they've know each other for a long time and I'm just new, anyways I was getting late for something as my other manager called me to join him. Then the girl manager turned around and shouted something along the lines of "stay away from him" and I turn around a bit confused, but still laughing I answer back asking "why" and she's like "that's what I would tell my daughter". He and I were just laughing but I kinda saw that he was a bit surprised. The next day we were sitting with our friends and he was like I wonder why she said that, and another of our friends were like cause he's "naughty". What should I make out of this? Why exactly are they telling me to stay away from him?

I kinda like him and I don't wanna stay away, but what are they trying to imply? We talk a lot, but that doesn't mean he likes me, so why warn me? He's in college by the way


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  • Maybe the other manager wants him.

    • She's married and has a daughter my age? Why would she want him lol. And what does she think he'll do?

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    • I mean like don't guys like girls there own age?

    • Not necessarily. I don't mind going a few years below my age or a few above. But I will not do anything sexual with a person below 18. Dating is perfectly fine, but nothing more.

  • You shallow for a start.


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