Passed my driving test today!.. now what?

Is it better to get your OWN car/insurance? Or to go under your parents' name?
Can you drive your parents' car or no?

What's less pricey?
I'm from Canada by the way.
I was too happy from passing to ask any questions lol


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  • Since you're a new driver , that means you probably only have your L.
    Since L licenses requires you to have a 25+ unrestricted driver next to you at all time , probably better and cheaper to drive around in your parents' car till you're out of GLP.
    Cheaper insurance and not like you can drive your own car around without someone next to you anyway.

    So there's that :P
    That's why it's better to get a bike , you don't need someone to follow you around.

    • No, I got my N today/

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    • Well there you go :D
      Better than a corolla by a country mile.
      Now I'm not sure which province you're in but all you have to do is call up an insurance broker and he'd give you a quote within minutes.
      No worries, there's a first time for everything. Enjoy the road ahead lassie! OPEN ROAADDDDD

    • Thanks for the MHG

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  • Go with your parents. I'm under my father insurance. My parents have been with CAA since EVER and over the years, their insurance has gone down dramatically. I could easily be shitting $300 a month living in Toronto. But I only pay $60.

    • $60? What car do you have? I could definitely go under my dad's.. he's been driving for like 40+ years lol.
      Only way to figure out how much it would be is it call an autoplan?
      Also , speaking of toronto, Im moving there from BC in September (school)... would I need to go through a road test again?

    • I drive a 2015 Jetta. Yeah call your fathers company and get a quote.
      Nice you'll like Toronto. I'm not sure if you will have to do another road test. I don't think so.

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  • Uh, your parents, duh! Why wouldn't you be able to drive their car?

    • It's a van. I feel like a smaller car would be easier, no?
      Also, my father says I can't drive his car unless I'm under his insurance or something? He says he thinks its this way, I have no idea

  • How old are you?

    • 21 (i'm late, I know lol)

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    • you mean its hard for new learners?

    • Everything is hard as long as you don't try to learn. But yeah, that's a skill which can only be mastered with practice.

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  • its much cheaper to go under your parents