Are entrepreneurship classes easy?

This guy I know who is a consultant majored in entrepreneurship.

I started to wonder if that is super, super easy as a major


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  • Depends on the school. Some have real-world play so you really are out in the field and others are just theoretical.

    • I mean... if he is a consultant why not major in something like analytics, finance, heck even marketing.

      I can't help but feel he got his consulting gig because he is a terrific speaker and although he 'can do the work' he isn't particularly intelligent

  • You need to major in entrepreneurship to become an entrepreneur. In fact, you don't even need to major in anything at all.

    • He didn't become an entrepreneur he became a consultant.

      Honestly, I find it hard believing consultants are as 'smart' as they are

    • *You don't. My mistake
      Consultant of what? Financial?

    • management consultant

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