Life is so cruel, nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. if possible, what would like to do now?

I met an old neighbor when I caught the bus this afternoon. he is a driver now, we haven't seen each other ao long, so we talked a lot. I can't believe that his father passed away on 7th because of lung cancer. what a pity! cuz this uncle just retired, he hadn't enjoyed good times. and the worst thing is the neighbor s mother got senile denmentia. I can't believe how he spend the days in future. maybe we have ever done something wrong, but this punishment is over serious. when I heard these news, I said to myself:nothing is more valuable than life.


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  • Life is so sad and bad many times, @Mr_Lonely and All we can Really do in Our Own Life Is... Live every day to its Fullest.
    However, Life can too Throw us a Bit of a Curve Ball and All, Perhaps even More, a Big Sour Ball as well, and to Never Forget when Living your Life, Include God's Guidance, it might just Benefit one in the End, my Friend.
    I am so sorry for your your Friend's own 'Sad End," and even the Good ones Have to Suffer Sometimes.
    God has a Plan for Woman and man.
    Good luck and My own Blessings.


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  • Life sucks, but allowing it to take you over is a choice. Believe me I know, I don't know exactly what you're going through but I know how you feel. The only way to get out of it is to forget the past, move on and see the good in all things, it's not easy but you'll get through it and you'll find someone, you'll have a good life but your time just hasn't come yet but it will

    • yep, most times, I am sick of life. nothing can stir me up. I am like an utterly useless person. no dream, no goal, no hope, nothing else I have in this world. thank u for being my listener, young buddy

    • Sorry I only just saw this, I wasn't ignoring you. You don't have to thank me, it wouldn't be decent to leave you without a paddle and I'm not ready to give up on you

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  • Every one thinks of tomorrow and they forget to enjoy "now "

  • Life sucks.

  • Value it.

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