Have you ever passed out in public? How did you feel when you came back to your senses?

When it happened to me some years ago, I wanted to vanish instantly. I was feeling really ashamed drawing everyone’s attention. It was in a mall, so you understand how I was feeling.

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  • I passed out, twice at the South Texas State Fair. Embarrassing ain't the word 😔 It was awful.

    • Yeah I can feel you. By the way, why did you choose Blonde as a name, when you are actually a redhead?

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    • The hair colour? Thanks but I'm guessing you didn't see me blonde haha :P

    • Thank you for MHO :)

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  • I was on my phone and saw @Afro-dite9 for the first time.
    Her beauty was too much for me! :*

  • I was close to passing out in a subway but thank God I didn't and the emergency crew arrived somewhat quick.

  • Yes a few years ago. Sometimes during my period... if it's too heavy I feel dizzy and faint.

    I was at a restaurant with my friends and felt so faint. I went outside to see if the cool air would help me feel better , but as soon as I went outside I fainted. Fortunately it's never happened since.


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