I actually hate myself?

Okay, so this is going to probably sound so small compared to the outside world but i hate myself. Mainly because i can't revise. Sorry, let me rephrase that: I won't revise. I take full responsibility for this, it is no ones fault but mine. I just can't bring myself to do it. I think about what i'll achieve if i do and it still isn't enough to get me to revise. I think about making my parents proud and that still doesn't inspire me to revise. I think about how bad my future is going to be if i don't and yet... i still don't revise. I'm lazy and i've accepted that. But this is ridiculous. I'm not a dumb person. I'm not the smartest either. I'm in the top set for English and thats because i bullshit my way through everything and manage to get B's which are no where near my A* targets. Am i so dumb that i can't bring myself to revise? Don't answer that. All i do is sleep, eat and watch movies or tv shows. I actually hate myself because now i'm fucking up pretty much all my exams apart from history and English. I just... won't revise. I don't want any advice however just don't want to feel alone in this. I'm lazy and i have not ever met someone as lazy as me. My parents are dissapointed in me and once upon a time, this fact used to make me cry however i no longer do. Am I the only one that feels this way?


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  • You may want to speak to a counsellor and make sure this isn't the start of depression. Even if you can't be bothered to do anything else, do this at least.

  • That doesn't sound like Laziness...

    • Then what does it sound like?

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    • i guess i walk a lonely road...

    • But that makes you cool!

      At least cooler than me.

      Don't listen to me anyway.

      I'm an idiot.

      Just know that the lonely road is crowded with the uninspired.

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  • No, I've been this way for a while now.

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