Anxiety attack tips?

My anxiety attacks have been returning, and I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to deal with them. I've had really bad issues with them in the past and it came to the point it became virtually debilitating. I was on meds, seeing psychologists, and giving my parents a hard time and I don't want it to happen again. Any tips would be much appreciated. Thank you.


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  • Don't try to fight the panic attack. That just makes them worse. Sit with the shitty feeling because then it will subside that much faster.

    You can lower your baseline anxiety which will reduce the impact of your panic attacks. I found that exercise and limiting my coffee intake really helped me.

    • I do exercise a lot, and I'll try just accepting the attack. I want to stop this crap though since I had completely quit working out before which caused me to get out of shape. The reason I stopped working out was because of the anxiety actually.

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    • Sometimes there is no pushing. The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook is really good. Highly recommend.

    • Thanks! I'll give it a read!

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  • Meditation helped me a lot with my anxiety

    • Oh, interesting! I have been trying hypnosis recently at night to help. It works for a little bit.

    • You should try guided meditation and gradually increase your listening time everyday by 5 minutes, thoughts will fade away from your brain and you will feel at peace.

    • Sure. I'll look it up!

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