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My boyfriend wants me to go to the spa with him an his friends and just to state i will look like a body guard next to a feminine guy and a bunch of girls im 6'3 i look like a thug because i have a naturally mean look on my face that i can't help and im dark skinned black and i will be hanging around a white boy 3 white girls and an Asian girl i will stand out so much people might make fun of me Q_Q i won't fit in at all because all of them are about 1-2 feet under my height. id like to not go but my boyfriend has been begging me to at least go with him once and i want to make him happy any ways to get my mind off being the odd one of the group?

the next thing i need is some smart ass going

One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn't belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song?


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  • just go, who cares what people think. i have to say, that's not how i imagine u. i imagine u looking like the character in ur profile pic :P

    • xD that made me laugh thats the first time some ones ever mentioned my profile pic

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  • Some of them are under 5ft? Dayum. Just go, who cares what people think ur there as a group so nobody will say anything.

    • you underestimate women and gay men they can gossip the fuck out of someone i went to a hair place where i wasn't getting my hair my boyfriend was an everyone there talked about how i looked like i was gonna do something illegal or how i looked dangerous xD again i actually look pretty mean because of the way my face is it looks like im mad all the time if you dont know me and when i get mad its like my face shrinks to 2 inch's xD

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  • You should go and it would be fun, who cares what others think. All that matters is that you would have fun there.


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