Why do I want to text him?

There is this guy who I really didn't like very much but yesterday we ended up texting all night and now that I know him a little better I don't dislike him and actually want to text him more? why?


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  • If you don't know why try to figure out why not, which is the complement space of things you're trying to figure out (the why things)
    Thus once you find the why not things it'll be easier for you to delve deeper into the whys


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  • Do you want him or need him?

    Wanting someone is the positive side of the relationship, you want him because he makes you feel good in some way, he fulfills some desire you have, and he makes your knees weak.

    Need on the other hand, I mean, once you are in a needs-based relationship, it is a struggle to fix it or to get out. You should clear your mind and take a minute to think about that word and what it means to you.

    Does the word make your chest tight, your heart beat faster and your palms sweat? If yes, then enlist the help of a supportive professional. You will no longer cringe at the thought of being alone.

    You will be operating from a place of want, instead of need.

    Wishing you the best of luck.