Why are students in junior high such assholes?

I mean like a substitute teacher or bus driver comes and it's like oh hey lets guck around we can do anything we want it's like do what your told and tuff it out till the end of the day and be assholes by yourself. I don't get it and I'm not the person who's like oh what if ms bell was here (that's my teacher and she's mean) I usually just sit there quietly. I also think think wow how disrespectful and immature it's just stupid if you know why can you pls explain it to me because it's like why do think showing our "private" parts in public is bad I just don't get it?


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  • Puberty, Jr high kids' prefrontal cortex are not fully developed (decision making part of the brain), Easily influenced/peer pressure!!


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  • They're immature and can't realize the fact that they're halfway towards becoming adults


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