What's the biggest mistake you made in your life?

Details pls and I love a good story


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  • not auditioning for the lead role in the school musical because I let people's comments get to me...

    We were doing beauty and the beast and I've always wanted to play Belle or a lead character on stage. I was going to audition for it but people kept making mean comments such as "are you sure you're good enough"? I know I was and that I am good enough but my confidence was so low at the time that I let people's comments get to me and never tried.

    If I could go back in time, I would have done it and owned that audition hahah


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  • Being with a women for far too long.


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  • Allowing certain people to remain in my life longer than they deserved. I used to a very forgiving person and overlook a lot of what people did. I am still a forgiving person, but I never forgive people for the same mistake more than twice . I set boundaries and have my limits to how I'm treated by other people.


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