What is Your favorite Classic car?


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  • Maybe not my favorite car, but the sound...
    I used to have one of these, but not as beefy as this one.

    I love Cutlasses. I've had 7-8 of them but only a couple of them from this era.

    68 Charger. Had one of them too. Mine was white. Wimp engine though.

    Always wanted one of these. A bit too pricey though.

    Another one I want.

    When it comes to muscles cars - if you don't built it yourself then it doesn't count.

    • Do you regret getting rid of them?

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    • Aww man my favorite classic car is a 1966 fastback in candy apple red, judging by the instrument panel that's a 67/68 right? And yea I think classic cars in general are rare, I'm amazed by how expensive they are selling them online, and how high the prices go for them in auctions, Its crazy compared to what these cars originally costed back then even including inflation into that figure. MHO for you man.

    • That's a 67, same as mine. Now keep in mind that I knew how to find good deals, but you'll freak when you hear what I paid for it.

      $200 lmao :P That was in the late 80s, but still...
      The guy had it as a project car. It had been sitting in his garage for years and he never got around to working on it. His wife got tired of looking at it and told him the car goes or she goes. He decided to keep his wife and sold it cheap to get rid of it. I jumped on that real fast. I'm sure there were other people racing to get there. But I got there first. I bet his phone was ringing off the hook all day.

      The engine was excellent. The body was pretty good but needed paint. It was a unibody and the undercarriage was good. But it needed all new suspension and steering, and the tranny was kind of soft. Because the steering linkage was so loose it was barely safe to drive.

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  • '32 Ford Coupe and 69 Z/28 Camaro my Dad has one, it's way too much fun to drive!

  • Soooooo many. But I'm partial to Mustangs I guess.

  • '67 Impala SS
    '70 454 SS


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