What should be my next step? (BASED OFF RELIGION.)?

I've been confused on my religion for the longest time, and I have been researching so many religions to find which one makes a lot more sense. I've been close friends with Muslims, and I've learned so much about their religion. It's common sense, and I know so much about it.
I'm so confused on what to do next.. One of my friends told me that I should convert to be a Muslim. I stopped my friend, and I told her that I need to think over things if I plan on making this step. I've been confused about my religion for the longest time, and I read parts of the Quran. When I read more about Islam, it was common sense to me. I didn't have any questions about the religion. I don't know how to tell my parents and my friends! I've only told a few friends about what is going on, and they still look at me as the same person.
I'm sure my family knows something is up. When Ramadan was happening, my sister told me that I should be fasting. She was obviously kidding, and my mom laughed at the fact of what she said. I grew up in a family that basically has no religion. We are accepting to everybody. I tried going to church when I was a little kid, but I felt so uncomfortable. Christianity was obviously not for me.

I'm really confused, and I need advice.


PLEASE DON'T EVEN SAY "I agree (this religion) is better than (this religion.) Don't change my mind! Don't even judge me. I know religion can be very important to everybody. I appreciate what you think, but honestly. I'm seeking for advice!

If you plan on giving me advice in message, I can take that too.


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  • Okie I am a Muslim and a scholar of you want to ask me anything love

    Your next step is reading the quran and understand it and ask someone who's worthy like got a degree in Islamic studies

    Then you have to learn what's the sacred law ( sharia )
    Like worships , marriage , etc

    And that's it you then convert by saying I bear witness that Allah is the only god and Muhammed is his prophet

    That's what you need to convert

    And then comes a lot of sciences in Islam but that's for advanced level and you don't have to know it if you don't want to

    • Thank you so so much! I love this comment. :)
      I'll message you the questions I have about it.

    • Alright 😊

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  • I've investigated all religions thoroughly, and you need to do the same. Do not settle for Islam. It is a sham.

    • Okay, thank you for your comment. But like I said in my question up above,

      PLEASE DON'T EVEN SAY "I agree (this religion) is better than (this religion.) Don't change my mind! Don't even judge me. I know religion can be very important to everybody. I appreciate what you think, but honestly. I'm seeking for advice!

    • I didn't compare any specific religions. I merely advised that Islam is a sham and to continue your search.

  • it must be hard , specially this moment when they first know you after converting
    but i think real friends would only wonder and talk to you the same way they are used to
    start with the Quran , bit by bit
    and know that in Islam there is no men with authority from god, all books are analytical and all men who wrote them are human and we dont Sanctifies them , thats why we call it science because these scientist has made their books based on solid prove by the words-and these words are proven solidly that they are our prophets words (thats a whole science itself)- of our prophet
    when you want to understand something read about it yourself from more than reference before you ask, google made a lot of things easy
    if you ever needed to ask about the stuff people use to attack islam , i will be gratefully help
    we believe in Christ and his miraculous birth

  • Your next step should be to read the entire Quran.

  • Convert to Christianity. That's the next step. If, on the other hand, you want to be part of the disgusting, pedophilic, murderous, slaver religion of Islam, then give your heart over to the most depraved levels of Hell.

    • You're absolutely SOOO disgusting for commenting on my question! Read my question a lot closer. Trust me, because I hate people like you. You people are so disgusting to this world. Not every Muslim is a slave, pedophile, or whatever is on your mind.

    • Fine, and I will fight Islam until my dying breath. I will kill every Muslim invader who tries to come into my country and establish Sharia law. I will bloody my blade with Saracen brains and guts of those bastards that try to turn my country into a caliphate. I will NOT see my women raped and enslaved, or old men and women butchered in the streets! I will fucking die first.

  • All religion is bullshit. There is no God.


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