Random question of the day?

Think of someone you know in person who's name starts with an
S, N, D, M, K or an R.

(S- Sara)

How old are they.

(Turning 19)

What color are their eyes.


What is something you like about them.

(Shes really really nice.. Maybe too nice)

What is something you hate about them.

(She doesn't really come over like she used to)

If they were out your house what would they say.

(Where's your sister?)

What is something you've always wanted
to tell, or ask them but never did.

(Can i grab your boobss)


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  • (R-Ruben) ... This is gonna be interesting, hah

    -Dark brown
    -His hair and smile, his style and taste in music. How he looks so hot while he's driving
    -He's a bit too careless sometimes, and he's late to things sometimes
    -More like what would he do if ya know what I mean 😏 Haha
    -"So when are we finally going to make out? "

    Yep, that's him.

    • Haaaaa okay that was weird since my cousins name is rube
      But okkkay then!

    • Haha just a coincidence xD

  • Dave
    He's 20
    Mix of blue and green
    His confidence and the feeling while we gaze each other.
    We rarely meet each other.
    I like you too

    • I think that ending was sweet

  • marco
    -funny as hell
    -too jokey jokey all the time
    -he lives in my house so... probably nothing
    -"u better follow through with those free earbuds you promised me, otherwise the trust we built between us is gone... vanished..."

    • Lol
      I dont play about my earbuds either

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    • if he pulls through i'll listen to quality music in ur honor, anon 18-24 :P

    • he just gave them to me anon :D we made it

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