So are we now in a post secular age?

where we are seeing more radical expression of confessions in public.
When before it was more seen as a private thing to do during weekends and so on


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  • I am not sure where you are going with this but I will focus on secular - Two positives that have come out from the horrific events at the weekend in Orlando is an increased acceptance of LGBT community from more centrist right wing people and a cementing of the view for a lot of people that not all muslims are extremists. There have been negative reactions but when taken in context they can be viewed as minority opinions ( very vocal ones that is why they make the news from various sides ) but I feel the analysis among the important middle ground is somewhat positive,


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  • Expression of confessions? What does that mean?

    • Ow confession in french means religions
      I assumed it s the same word in English.
      It s not?

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    • Organised religion is and always will be dangerous. I have no issue with people believing in whatever nonsense they want to but there should be laws stopping them from gathering in large groups or practicing their religion in public places.

      No churches
      No mosques
      No synagogues
      No gatherings in public
      No gatherings of more than ten people in private homes
      No religion on public television

    • Thanks for the mho

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  • There can never be a post secular age, baring the world coming to an end and religion reemerging dominant in the post-apocalypse. We're living in secular times, more and more people are turning away from faith and becoming normal.

    • eh check my answer in phoenix's and takemaker's opinions xD
      I didn t forgot about your answer in my other question by the way :P
      but it s long lol and I need to think of a reply xD

  • Elaborate on radical expression of confessions in public.

    • by confession I mean religion. I am merely translating from french to English.
      in french, confession means religion.
      and by radical expression I mean the strive of individuality in the midst of globalization.
      so the people feel the need to express themselves more in opposition of the homogenieity caused by globalization.
      usually you have 2 results of globalization: -homogenization
      so we re talking about the latter.
      and this search of identity is even more accentuated when you have deterritorialization (case of immigrants)
      so you see extreme groups like isis
      also people asking for their rights to practice their religeious believes in public

    • Ah gotcha then I agree way more common now a days then say 60 or 80 years ago.

    • alrighty ^^

  • i think that a lot of taboo is gone and some people find it that need to express their radical ideas and that it is somehow ok to carry them out.

  • I certanly hope not, a return to the ages of religious extremism bodes very poorly for humanity.

    To me it looks more like religion loosing the battle and screaming and thrashing about it.

  • Post secular as in no longer in secular living or post secular as in secular living now?

  • I don't really care one way or the other

  • ehm, I don't think that's the case. what makes you think so?


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