Would you find it a bit strange or not?

Ok so the person you're dating has a long term best friend of the opposite sex, they have an extremely close relationship. I mean so close you wonder how they aren't together. Say this said best friend is getting married and decides to make him the maid of honour. He is also the only person who has been invited to the hen do so it's just the two of them.
Now I know people will have different views on this especially in this day and age where things are and can be done differently to the old traditions but would you find this strange?
I am just curious to hear what you all think :)


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  • I'd find that very strange. I'm a firm believer that your boyfriend or girlfriend should be your best friend and choosing a guy to be the maid of honour is just bizarre. She should get her own best friend.

    • I thought the same as I was his girlfriend. I didn't ask him to cut her out or anything but he did out her before me and booked off her wedding day without telling me I wasn't invited or that he was going without me. He didn't even mention the hen do to me... I found out about that after we'd broken up... thanks for your opinion ^.^

    • Hiding things like that is a big no no. It shows you a lot of he hid it from you. You can do better

    • Ye he lied a lot and he's still lying now to other people! He asked for me back again, I said we could chat after this wedding had passed... few days later he asked another woman out on a date and met up with her. Needless to say I messaged him saying I knew and he got aggressive and said I didn't care enough in my reply and all this.
      We've been apart 3 months now... so hard to move on but I'm trying :)

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  • One of my friends made her best guy friend the maid of honor. Wasn't weird, but a ton of people were invited to the wedding, her fiance and now husband knew him and everything. It's uncommon, sure, but it's not that weird if they really are that close friends.

    • Oh I see, fair enough. Everyone has their own view on it. I just found it a bit odd myself but then Im biased cause there were things going in the background. Also I wasn't invited the wedding and he booked it off without me even knowing. Thank you for your opinion :)

    • Ahh yea, I can totally get why that's a little sketchy. But objectively, it's okay! Your situation sounds a bit different though.

  • Eh, she can do whatever she wants. It's a sweet gesture.

    • Thanks for your opinion. There was a lot more I'm the background going on for instance she knew I didn't like him doing drugs but still encouraged him by inviting him to do them with her and friends. It was a very complicated situation but I just wondered what peoples particular thoughts were on this without any other information :)