Isn't this one of the most horrible way to lose your child?

You're on a vacation with your child and partner going to Disney.

Just then, an alligator snatching your 2 year-old toddler (dragging him into the waters) right in your face while you're trying all your efforts to jump into the water but can't do nothing. Later on, your toddler is found dead mainly due to drowning.

Poor couple and sister. The girl now has to learn about dead and how her young brother died at such an early age.


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  • I feel very bad for the family... but let's clear one thing up real quick.

    - The kid was at the water's edge in a "natural" area of the Disney property - how'd he get there? - and I don't know why everyone's surprised it happened... like... it's an alligator. In its natural habitat. Doing what alligators do. It's not a Disney gator. It's a fucking wild animal. They snatch animals in the wild all the time.

    I have a ton of sympathy for the parents at this devastating loss - but... please explain why you'd allow your child to go play in a pond in Florida in the first place? It was on Disney property, sure, but it was not in a Disney park. They really had no business being there in the first place.

    That being said, I can't even begin to imagine the emotional trauma and blame the dad must be feeling since he tried to save his child and failed.

    A very harsh lesson learned for humanity - Humanity is nothing compared to nature.

    I am - clearly - divided on how I feel about this situation. On the one hand I feel for the family. On the other hand I'm like, "Well no shit, Sherlock, you had that coming."

    • Not to mention there were "No Swimming" signs posted all around the area.

    • @beccaboo2 Exactly! Granted, they're from Nebraska - not sure how many ponds/water features they have there, but they must have known that alligators are a thing that exist in the wild in Florida. If you're going to Disney then go to DISNEY. Do the parks. Buy the overpriced food, get the weird farmer tan lines, buy mouse ears. Don't go on wilderness adventures.

  • It's always horrible to lose your kids. Burying your children is miserable.

    • True but even more traumatizing if you actually witnessed it.

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