Is it common for a guy to remember when it was his first time?

Honestly I'm terrible most dates (even some b-days) but that's the only single date I still know it by memory even if I'm not trying.

It was during the weekend, one night (between 9-10 pm) right on June 7, 2011. We were at the back on my father's car. Our was each other's first time but I was more nervous than her.

We broke up the following year but that date somehow stayed in mind even after all this time. And supposely we're bad at dates!!


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  • Depending on how 'special' it was to you, then yes, of course. Having sex is a pretty big deal to most people and losing your virginity is a turning point in your life. Some people have great first times, others, not so much. I think because of the importance so many cultures place on sex that it's fairly typical to be detailed oriented in regards to sex, when it happened, what it was like, how you felt, etc..

    • Yes, it was meaningful at the moment. I believe the first time should be done in a relationship and I couldn't have done it in another way.

    • Then at the same time I lost it, she lost it too.

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