If anyone is a Vet or knows a lot about cat health/ injuries can you please answer this question?

If anyone is a Vet or knows a lot about cat health/ injuries can you please answer this question?
My cat was attacked by the neighbour's cat a few months back and had a cut on his nose, but everytime it starts to scab and looks like its going to heal he opens it up again and it keeps getting bigger the more he rubs at it, but he's the type of cat who wouldn't be happy to wear a cone. He's 16 years old so im not sure if that may contribute to the slow healing process. Is there anything I can do to help him heal faster and treat it without the vet, as that is too costly for me at the moment.


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  • At your cat's age, there is a string possibility that he or she has developed diabetes and that is interfering with the healing process. Without seeking help from a vet, I would put a cone on the cat and use a combination of cortisone and triple antibiotic topical creams on his nose several times per day (unless he immediately proceeds to lick his nose to remove the creams, in which case there is no point in repeating that exercise.) There are other possibilities, of course. How is your cat's appetite? Drinking enough water? Excessive drinking? Any problems in the litter box?

    • Thanks for answering. His eating and drinking habbits are normal and there are no issues in the litter box. What cream brands in particular do u recommend?

    • Any brand of triple antibiotic ointment will work well. Make sure the cortisone cream is 1.0% cortisone. Rub the ointment into his nose, don't use excessive amounts, and kitty will be less likely to try to lick it off. Good luck!

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  • Even if you went to the vet they are unlikely to give you a cone because it will interrupt his eating and cleaning and cats are crafty and escape them.

    Honestly, the hole looks big. He should really go to the vet because you don't know what infections the other cat might have had and therefore might be in your cats bloodstream, to me that hole looks really quite deep to the point he may need stitches, and given his age, he will be slower to heal and easier to infect. I know it's costly but he really needs to be checked out.

    For home stuff, for cats it's hard. You can't give him a cream incase he eats it and it's not like you can pop a plaster on him.

    Has his eye always been like that? Looks like he might have an eye infection...

    • Thanks for answering. No his eye started looking like that 2 days ago,

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    • I know, and i fear taking him to the vet though, coz he's old I dont want them to tell me it untreatable and to put him down. I've had him 16 years, it would break my heart

    • I don't think they would put him down. All he needs is something to close the wound that he won't reopen while cleaning or eating. Plus they will probably give him a shot just to make sure there is no infection.