Lets see who has the weirdest pet! Eating habits, sleeping positions, habits... Let's feel better about our weird pets?

So most people who know me on here know I love my cat.


People also know that my cat is weird as balls. And I thought I would share his weirdness to make everyone feel better and smile.

- My cat enjoys conversations. He talks back with you all the time.
- He falls off things all the time. For an aware animal, this cat slides off tables, chairs, beds, windowsills... Everything.
- He loves watching people undress. You undress around him, he will stare and lick his lips. He will even wake up to do so.

- This is the biggest. His diet is decadent and weird. So he is indulged; he is allowed to lick the plate clean if we have had steak or lick the juices up. But he gives pretty much anything a go. He's even had spiced rum.
The more unusual thing he likes are: cheesy mash, chicken hot wings (even if it burns his mouth), he will steal burgers from between the bun with his claws to lick and give back to you, but his ULTIMATE weird love...

Marmite. Which is similar to bovril or vegemite. If I have it I have to give him a blob or he will steal my toast.

I can't be the only person with a weird animal. Share yours!


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  • I have 4 hens, But for my weirdest pet it was my German Sheppard. He ate candy, drank beer, loved ice cream, HE stole the Thanksgiving roast and demolished it raw. He's eaten rabbits, my vegetable garden


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  • Aww your cat is adorable.
    I have a few cats. One of them only drinks water with her paws. She'll scoop water up with her paws from the bowl and drink from her paws.
    Another one, when I tell him off he always argues back with me. He play fights with another of my cats and they both stand up on their back legs and kinda karate chop each orher with their front legs.
    And one cat I used to have, whenever my boyfriend and I had sex, he'd come right next to us and just stare hard and freak us out lol.

    • Awwww yeah whiskey does that! If me and my boyfriend have sex, he get up on the bed and sits on the corner or on my boyfriends leg and literally rides it out. If he goes too fast or we make too much noise we get told off!

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  • Long ago I had a young cat and apart from being much younger she was a look alike of yours :D
    One complications: she climbed the sofa and even the curtains :-(
    After 3 days she had to go... fortunately my uncle is living in a very rural area and around his house she lived long and happily! End of the cat fairy tale :D

    • My cat is only just turned 4 haha! He is a very big cat, he's 23inches head to base of tail about 18inches tall.

      Oh mine does that. He uses the curtains and the sofa as a scratching post due to his size - we tried a post but he was too big for it and it kept tipping over on him. We have just given up - he gets told off if he does it and he does it outside but it's just a side effect of a cat. I would never declaw him as some have suggested before.

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    • Call the Guinness book! We got a 10 kilo cat here! Sjeez it must be the food :D
      Tomorrow you'll see "Look darling, he caught a fish! Think it's a shark!".

    • I know. He looks very odd now (the boyfriends cat) because he's getting old and he's gone barrel cheated with his weight loss

  • I had a dog named Cha Cha, she'd lay down when she ate. And she was so passive you could take food from her and she'd do is look at you all heart broken, bit she wouldn't bark, growl, nothing. She'd just give you the puppy eyes.

    • And your car's a perv.

    • Sorry. Your cat's a perv.

    • My cat is the same. You can take food from him and all you get is a hurtful glance. He gets all sorts of titbits though - steak, chicken, duck, pheasant, salmon, cod... by the way we don't eat like that all the time but over his time he has had all of these!
      He is but I wouldn't change him!

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  • My cat started to take this piece of cardboard and rub it against her face like it was catnip. Was weird since i didn't put any catnip on it. XD